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Buying furniture for an office can be a very expensive venture. This is in addition to all the office equipment you need to invest on when you're starting a business. Fortunately, furniture is a business asset for which you can use pre-owned items.

Finding affordable desk chairs can help a lot especially if you need to buy them in large numbers. Each brand new desk chair may set you back about $18-$300. Those on the low end may not even be comfortable to sit on - for instance, the $18 desk chairs you can buy from Ikea are those that swivel but don't even have armrests. Besides, their seat pans are too small to be comfortable.

The $300 items, on the other hand, are ergonomic and stylish, but to have to pay $300 on just one desk chair is business suicide.

Your most practical alternative then would be to look for like-new pre-owned desk chairs at a reasonable price, buy them in lots if you need a large quantity, and refurbish the few ones that are slightly damaged or soiled.

Office Liquidation, Inc. is a company in Florida that specializes in buying and selling used office furniture. They often buy complete office set-ups - from the desks to the chairs to the cubicle dividers - at rock-bottom prices. They then pass on the savings to people who are looking for good quality used office furniture.

They sell desk chairs with armrests, gas lifts, and 5-point bases for only $129 each. You can also find bare (without armrests) Herman Miller desk chairs for just $75 per piece.

On the high end of their inventory are Herman Miller Aeron desk chairs for $549 each. However, if you buy a brand new chair of the same brand and model, you'll be paying $1000 - $1200 instead.

You can order your desk chairs by filling your shopping cart and checking out. The items will be delivered to your home or office within a few days after receiving your request.

But if you want to find more information about the desk chairs you have in mind before making a purchase, you can click on a button for a request form for more information.

A large selection of desk chairs can also be found on, where they offer many desk chairs for nearly half-price off. You'll come across a staggering array of leather desk chairs, executive desk chairs, computer chairs, and mesh office chairs, among others.

For instance, executive desk chairs which normally cost about $500 are sold at just $244. Check out their specials a s you might find juicy offers on furniture lots, such as one that will give you 1 free chair on orders of 5 similar chairs. This company also orders free shipping within the contiguous United States, but only one free shipment per order.

To be able to return damaged merchandise, you should thoroughly inspect the goods once they arrive at your door. Items to be returned must still be in their original packaging, and should be returned within 30 days of delivery of the product. Usually, desk chairs still need to be assembled upon delivery.

executive desk chairs used office furniture office
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